Making Home Buying and Selling, an Informed Decision!


Save money and buy peace of mind

As we have been saying, a home is a system of parts; most of which are hidden from view!


When you look at the roof, you see the shingles.   

Your professional HomeCheckups  inspector sees what the shape of the roof is; is it presenting itself proudly, does it have a bent back, and what devices are attached or going through it.  

Your Inspector looks to see if there is a chimney and what it is made of, how tall is it (is it tall enough or too tall!), and where in the roof is it located.  

He’ll look for trees that are too close, what is the sun exposure, are there gutters, soffits (where the roof breathes air) and what shape are they in.  

Finally, your inspector will assess the roof covering, examine what material it is made from, and what conditions it is in.  Before leaving the roof he'll look at the flashing's and whether they have they been properly installed!   

Your professional HomeCheckups inspector now knows something about the exterior condition of the roof; he still needs to see the roof from the attic space!  (A roof does have two sides after all.)


This detailed difference of how your professional HomeCheckups inspector looks at things gives you the advantage of knowing whether the roof needs new shingles only (they typically wear out after 15-20 years) – a relatively smaller dollar project, or does it need new shingles, sheathing, framing, soffit,fascia, and gutters because the bathroom exhaust's vented into the attic space for ten years causing rot and mold to destroy the roofing system from the inside – a very expensive project!   

Having this information before you finalize your deal empowers you to renegotiate your price, move on to the next house or confidently finalize your contract as is.   

Your HomeCheckups inspector will go through this level of detail on all the major systems in the house. 

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