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New Homeowners Guide to the Pre Delivery Inspection (PDI)

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The best thing to do when your builder says it's time to do the Pre Delivery Inspection (PDI), is to take your camera with you and work with your builder to identify and write down on their PDI report, everything that is wrong, broken, missing, damaged, incorrectly supplied or substituted, not finished, or not accessible.  The builder will then attend to these issues with his trades people.  Remember to get yourself a copy of this report!!

Please, limit the people attending this inspection to yourself.  This is YOUR inspection of YOUR home from the builder.  AFTER you move in is the best time to show off your new home to friends and family!!


Believe us when we say that this is all you will realistically be able to do during the builder's PDI inspection!!

Pre-Delivery Inspection: 

Your builder has just contacted you and wants to do the pre-delivery inspection (PDI) and set the closing date for your new home. Confirm the date with your builder.  Ask if the person presenting your new home is a 3rd party presenter or a builder representative. 

How long is your inspection?   Typically, allow 1 hour per thousand square feet of home.   If you are told that it will be 30 to 45 minutes, be very concerned!  HomeCheckups works with some of the better builders and we know what to expect.


Be certain you receive the 'TARION Homeowners Information Package' from the builder at the time of the inspection!


How about the informative 'Getting Ready for the Pre-Delivery Inspection' brochure?



Next steps to take

Now book your new home inspection (PDI) with HomeCheckups!   

We will represent your interests at the PDI and make sure that it is recorded correctly!  

Yes, you will need to complete the Tarion Designate form, and we still want you there at the house!  This is a team approach to reviewing your new home.  You verify the items that you ordered are present and in the correct room, and we look after whether the builder has completed and complied with the requirements for building your new home and limit what you need to submit on your 30 Day Tarion Warranty submission.  

It is our experience that most new home builders take shortcuts to get you out of the house and defer all repair based work to the 30 Day Tarion report which you are responsible to complete and submit.  They then can defer all repairs for up to 180 days.