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Photo #1

Insulating your garage is a great step towards energy conservation and personal comfort especially when the bedrooms are over the garage.  However, when foam style insulation is installed, it is the details that are of concern!

The lamp is an obvious concern, but the extension cord that runs off of it is more so!

This type of insulation must have 5/8 inch drywall placed on top of it for fire safety reasons.  Were it to catch fire - it is highly flammable - , it produces a toxic dense smoke! 
Photos # 2 & 3

This is a rec room located in the basement beneath a garage slab.  A drop ceiling has been installed.  When the dropped ceiling panel was moved for inspection, this was what was seen.

Several panels were moved further along the ceiling.  The 3rd photo shows what was eventually discovered.  This is a support "girder" (one of several) that holds up the garage slab overhead.  It is significantly rusted!  On the bottom edge is pipe insulation (foam).  Visible to the left is the fiber glass batt insulation.  Above and surrounding the "girder" is blue foam board insulation - a highly flammable and toxic insulation. 

There are multiple concerns in these two photos.  They vary from potential structural issues to health and safety issues.