Making Home Buying and Selling, an Informed Decision!

Home Buyer's Quick Inspection

You are told by your agent that you cannot have any terms in your Offer of Purchase
. No inspection to uncover large dollar expenses that must be repaired after you move in!

Remove this 'fear, uncertainty and doubt' by using your HomeCheckups inspector's experience, training and education when you want to make an offer with the security of knowing!

We will walk with you and your agent through the home and assist you with your final decision on whether to make that purchase offer or not.  A Limited written report will follow: this is mandatory per our Association rules and Insurer requirements.


Home Owner's Go-To-Market Inspection (Pre-Sale)

 Your HomeCheckups Home Owner's Inspection is for the property owner who wants to be ahead of the curve on maintaining their investment in the home, or gain maximum value for when it comes time to sell the house and move on.  

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Specialty Services

HomeCheckups provides specialty services for:

*  New build PDI - we act on the home buyer's behalf at the PDI - but we still want you there if possible!)

* IR Thermography

Builder new home Quality Control Inspection (QCI) & Pre-Delivery Inspection (PDI) with electronic reporting (or your own) to the home owner and to the builder's representatives.

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Home Buyer's Full Inspection (Pre-Purchase & Post Closing )

More property buyer's realize that they see only what is on the surface, and like a car, really do not fully appreciate today's house systems.   

You see the shape, the colour, you experience the interiors, you listen to the sounds of the home, but you really do not know what condition it is in.   When buying a property, this is even more important!   

Agent's Inspection

(Pre-Listing Service)


Quick turn-around is the key to this service.  The report created is factual, delivered electronically within 24 hours.  Two reports are created: the first for the casual home buyer ( a summary of key items), and the second a full disclosure report for serious buyers considering an offer! 

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