Making Home Buying and Selling, an Informed Decision!


What will the report tell me?


Your HomeCheckups home inspection report is in two parts.    


The first part is a summary of the major or more significant issues that you need to know about to assist in making the decision to move forward on the home, knowing what may be required to be repaired and when, or to say no and thank you for the opportunity of seeing the home, and move on.      


The second part of your HomeCheckups home inspection report is delivered to you via the web, within 24 hours, and provides a detailed review of the homes systems, potential issues, why the problem needs to be dealt with and when, and what could happen if you don't look after the issue.    


Colour photos are supplied to provide you with a clear idea of what and where the item is, its problem, and links to an online knowledge library.    


The knowledge library will give you more understanding of how your house works, what can wear out, the life cycles of most major components, an indication of potential replacement costs, and of course maintenance tips to help smooth home ownership challenges.    


We will check back with you after you have taken ownership to be sure that things are as you expected.  

And down the road if you need a quick explanation, HomeCheckups will be there to answer your questions at no additional charge!