Making Home Buying and Selling, an Informed Decision!


HomeCheckups provides timely inspection services for Home Buyer's and Seller's, complete with a written report and photos of areas of concern, plus suggested actions to be taken.

HomeCheckups offers IR Thermography (Infra Red Camera) inspection  with a home inspection package.

HomeCheckups Service packages start at $395 plus taxes.

HomeCheckups provides specialized Realtor pre-listing inspections, and offers an IR Thermography (InfraRed Camera) optional in-depth look at hidden areas of the home.

HomeCheckups  can be your Designate for your PDI where you are uncertain the builder does not represent you, the new home buyer's interest!  This provides you, the new home owner, a fair review of your new home's readiness to own and occupy.

The Packages


HomeCheckups offers the Home Buyer's Fast Action Information Package (re-sell) inspection to meet today's fast paced realty market. We'll meet you at the listed property, and provide you with critical information you need to assist in your decision making process. A limited report will be created for your review.  This service does not replace the full inspection (you may not have time on your side) but provides the needed information to take the next step in making the offer to buy with less angst.  

HomeCheckups  offers a full service inspection package for home buyer's and seller's.  Home Buyer's/Seller's Information

HomeCheckups offers real estate Agent's the specialized Agent's Inspection Service (pre-listing service) to remove surprises for the listing broker and the seller, allow the seller to do remedial repairs prior to or as part of the listing service, and provide potential buyer's with a fair statement of the property as it is viewed at the time of listing. 

Have you bought a new builder's home?  Do you really understand all of the new technologies used in today's new home structures?  HomeCheckups is qualified to represent your interests at the builder's Pre Delivery Inspection (PDI).  We know and understand what the builder must turn over to you.  We can make a difference!

HomeCheckups uses the latest in electronic reporting systems providing our clients with timely information that is supported with pictures for quick identification of a situation, why its a concern, what you should do about it and when. 

Association Membership and Certifications

HomeCheckups is a member of the Ontario Association of Home Inspectors - OAHI and holds the Registered Home Inspector - RHI title, 

HomeCheckups is a member of the American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI) and holds the status of an ASHI Certified Inspector - ACI.  

HomeCheckups is registered with WSIB,

HomeCheckups is an insured business.

Our Service Area

HomeCheckups services Halton, Peel & York Regions, including Georgetown, Orangeville, Brampton, Mississauga, Burlington, Oakville, Hamilton, KW region, Woodstock,  Niagara region plus the Greater Toronto Area in general.  We often are requested to travel to other regions and accept on a case-by-case need.

Septic and Well service

We work with registered and certified associates providing these services.  Their fees are billed directly to you with no hidden charges.

To schedule an appointment call / text: 647 233-9647.

For more information on HomeCheckups - Residential Building and Property Inspections, visit the Ontario Association of Home Inspectors (OAHI).    


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